March 21, 2010

Ring a way

Recently I have learned of a challenge thought up by Nina Dinoff.  Every day in 2010 she, along with countless other artists/jewelers/metalsmiths/makers/etc.., will make one ring.  No material is off limits, and there is no requirement as to time invested, techniques used, or permanence of the final product.  I see this as a test of personal dedication and a great opportunity to try out new materials and techniques quickly.

I am going to take up this challenge but am not going to limit myself to rings.  I am going to make one wearable object a day, starting now.  I may not post every day, but at least once a week I will upload photos of the pieces I have made.   Seeing that it is March 21, I am already 79 rings short.  Rather than try and quickly make 79 rings to catch up with the ongoing challenge, I am going to start today, and continue until March 20, 2011.  I feel that rushing to make 79 rings simply to catch up to today would defeat the purpose of the challenge.  For me, it is a chance to work out ideas already in my head and to find new and exciting surprises during the making process.  My life (as well as my house, my studio, my head) is pretty disjointed and unorganized, and I'm hoping that adding this little bit of regularity will become a personal ritual with the added bonus of discovering new forms and materials for my wearable artwork.

Let the making commence!

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