March 21, 2010

A New Beginning

 I'm hoping this blog will become a daily ritual of sorts:  An outlet for me to put down my thoughts and share my artwork with a wider audience.  A lesson in perseverance I suppose.  I completed my MFA in Metalsmithing in May 2009 and since then have continued to work, while also trying to keep a roof over my head.  At times, that has been a difficult task, and I hope that through this blog I can share some of my experiences, offer insight into my artwork, and basically share what's on my mind. 

Experience Let Go
Steel, Copper, Enamel, Wool


  1. Good for you, girl! Looks great! I have a hard enough time getting out a newsletter once a month, much less a blog post every day. I'm impressed! Love you, Mom

  2. Gyaah. I really like this. It's so bizarre, so unlike anything I've ever seen, and so cohesive. It demands attention without being the least bit loud. Great work. I am very impressed.