December 9, 2012

Currently Untitled. Back.  Brooch. Sterling silver, copper,
polymer, wool. 2012.

Currently Untitled. Brooch. Sterling silver, copper,
polymer, wool. 2012.

Currently Untitled. Back.  Brooch. Sterling silver, copper,
polymer, wool. 2012.

"Diatom Series: Unsettle" Brooch. Sterling silver, copper, 
polymer, handmade wool felt, colored pencil. 2012.

"Nubs." Necklace. Sterling silver, brass,
copper, polymer, sterling silver chain,
sterling silver toggle. 2012.

"Specimen Series: Specimen II." Sterling silver,
copper, polymer, colored pencil. 2012.

March 22, 2012

Back to the studio

Now that I've settled into my new job as Associate Editor of Art Jewelry magazine (jumping head-first into the publishing world with no prior publishing experience has a steep learning curve!), I've taken some time to get back into the studio. I can't have my torches at my home studio—landlords don't particularly care for compressed gas—which presents a problem, but it's forced me to re-evaluate how I create, and has lead to the production of a couple new lines of production work. Unfortunately, I have been lax in taking photos of the work I've produced...I promise I've been staying busy, I just can't prove it. :)

Brandon and I have become involved with Random Twigs, a local gallery/retail store/working art studio in our downtown area. During the spring, summer, and fall, there are monthly Art Crawls—and the first one of the season was earlier this month. Twigs hosted a poster show, so I decided to make CMYK-themed jewelry to fit in with the theme. I've recently revisited my polymer stash, and came up with some fun stacked-disk polymer pieces! I've also begun working with steel wire, and a few cast paper pieces that have been stashed away for quite some time.

Polymer disks in progress

Cast paper earrings
CMYK pieces in progress

CMYK: Stacked polymer

I've also begun another collaborative piece with Jillian Palone—actually, it's been a while since we traded, so be on the lookout for final photos soon!

From Jill

From me

Another project that I've been working on for a while now is a series of commissioned paintings/drawings based on the biblical book of Psalms for a booklet my step-dad is putting together. It's been fun putting away my saw and files for a while and picking up a's a sneak peek!