February 7, 2011


A few months ago, my long-time friend and colleague Jillian Palone and I decided to begin working on some collaboration pieces.  We went to Undergraduate as well as Graduate school together, and though we have the same metalsmithing "family," we have two distinct styles of working.  We began this project by creating  an individual "part" for the other person.  After our "part" was finished, we exchanged them and completed each piece, never communicating or sharing photos or ideas.  What a fantastic surprise to see how we each interpreted and used the "parts" in a finished piece.  These are the completed pieces that came out of our first trade.  I look forward to more of these exchanges in the future.  

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Annie's finished piece using Jill's "part"

Jill's finished piece using Annie's "part"

New Website

Along with getting my photo tent set up, I have been designing and publishing my website.  I found this fabulous FREE website design company called Weebly and it is extremely user friendly, which I need since I am in no way a graphic designer.  I have been busy figuring out all the quirks, and feel that I have finally finished it...for now.  I am constantly adding new images and content, but the main pages and basic information are all there.  Please take a look, and let me know what you think!


Ready to Shoot!

I have finally gotten my photo tent set up and I am ready to begin taking appointments!  It's a very basic tent made from PVC pipe, two sawhorses, wood, and a couple bed sheets.  I have gotten the lights I need and a really sturdy tripod, and the photos look great!   If you or someone you know is interested in having professional photos of their artwork, take a look at my website and contact me to make an appointment!  http://www.anniepennington.com