August 25, 2013

New polymer and sterling silver jewelry series: Droplets

Well, it's been on hell of a year, so far. Yes, we're closing in on fall as I write this, but for me, I'm finally feeling like I'm getting back in to the creative swing. A death in the family at the beginning of the year put me in a zombie-like daze for quite a while, but I'm finally getting to the point where I feel like I can create new work, rather than just regurgitating the same things I've done before. What's coming out of me now is work that is more wearable/sellable/affordable/quick to make, yet still related to my larger-scale pieces in material, color, and attention to detail.
These earrings are part my new "Droplet" series. These little babies are a ton of fun to make, and even more fun to wear! The droplets are hand-sculpted and textured polymer with acrylic paint rubbed into the texture. Take a look at the following pictures for a sneak peek into my process.

These are the shavings and swarf left after texturing the polymer bits.

Now they're textured, but still naked.
Now they've been given a coat of acrylic to bring out the texture,
and they're ready for a good sanding and buffing.
This is my little pile of goodies waiting to be made into earrings.

Finished Droplets!


December 9, 2012

Currently Untitled. Back.  Brooch. Sterling silver, copper,
polymer, wool. 2012.

Currently Untitled. Brooch. Sterling silver, copper,
polymer, wool. 2012.

Currently Untitled. Back.  Brooch. Sterling silver, copper,
polymer, wool. 2012.

"Diatom Series: Unsettle" Brooch. Sterling silver, copper, 
polymer, handmade wool felt, colored pencil. 2012.

"Nubs." Necklace. Sterling silver, brass,
copper, polymer, sterling silver chain,
sterling silver toggle. 2012.

"Specimen Series: Specimen II." Sterling silver,
copper, polymer, colored pencil. 2012.

March 22, 2012

Back to the studio

Now that I've settled into my new job as Associate Editor of Art Jewelry magazine (jumping head-first into the publishing world with no prior publishing experience has a steep learning curve!), I've taken some time to get back into the studio. I can't have my torches at my home studio—landlords don't particularly care for compressed gas—which presents a problem, but it's forced me to re-evaluate how I create, and has lead to the production of a couple new lines of production work. Unfortunately, I have been lax in taking photos of the work I've produced...I promise I've been staying busy, I just can't prove it. :)

Brandon and I have become involved with Random Twigs, a local gallery/retail store/working art studio in our downtown area. During the spring, summer, and fall, there are monthly Art Crawls—and the first one of the season was earlier this month. Twigs hosted a poster show, so I decided to make CMYK-themed jewelry to fit in with the theme. I've recently revisited my polymer stash, and came up with some fun stacked-disk polymer pieces! I've also begun working with steel wire, and a few cast paper pieces that have been stashed away for quite some time.

Polymer disks in progress

Cast paper earrings
CMYK pieces in progress

CMYK: Stacked polymer

I've also begun another collaborative piece with Jillian Palone—actually, it's been a while since we traded, so be on the lookout for final photos soon!

From Jill

From me

Another project that I've been working on for a while now is a series of commissioned paintings/drawings based on the biblical book of Psalms for a booklet my step-dad is putting together. It's been fun putting away my saw and files for a while and picking up a's a sneak peek!



October 2, 2011

New Job, New Jewelry

I have been hired as the new Associate Editor for Art Jewelry magazine!

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity for me, but now I am finally settled in a cozy little town near Milwaukee, WI. A few months ago, I heard of the position available at Art Jewelry and decided to give it a shot and apply. Less than 3 weeks after submitting my application materials, I was offered the position, and started getting ready to move! Brandon and I have uprooted ourselves from St. Louis and are starting our new lives up north! If you are not familiar with the magazine, check out our website.

Though I have been very busy since we moved, I've still found a little time to work in my studio. I recently sent a shipment of new (and older) work back to Edwardsville for ArtEAST. These pieces and many more will be on exhibit at Main St. Art Gallery in Edwardsville, IL October 7 - October 29.  The ArtEAST tour is Saturday, October 15 (9-5) and Sunday October 16 (11-5). I won't be there, but stop by if you are in the area to see my pieces and many other talented artists! Here is a sampling of what will be there: Enjoy!

February 7, 2011


A few months ago, my long-time friend and colleague Jillian Palone and I decided to begin working on some collaboration pieces.  We went to Undergraduate as well as Graduate school together, and though we have the same metalsmithing "family," we have two distinct styles of working.  We began this project by creating  an individual "part" for the other person.  After our "part" was finished, we exchanged them and completed each piece, never communicating or sharing photos or ideas.  What a fantastic surprise to see how we each interpreted and used the "parts" in a finished piece.  These are the completed pieces that came out of our first trade.  I look forward to more of these exchanges in the future.  

Click here to see more!

Annie's finished piece using Jill's "part"

Jill's finished piece using Annie's "part"