August 25, 2013

New polymer and sterling silver jewelry series: Droplets

Well, it's been on hell of a year, so far. Yes, we're closing in on fall as I write this, but for me, I'm finally feeling like I'm getting back in to the creative swing. A death in the family at the beginning of the year put me in a zombie-like daze for quite a while, but I'm finally getting to the point where I feel like I can create new work, rather than just regurgitating the same things I've done before. What's coming out of me now is work that is more wearable/sellable/affordable/quick to make, yet still related to my larger-scale pieces in material, color, and attention to detail.
These earrings are part my new "Droplet" series. These little babies are a ton of fun to make, and even more fun to wear! The droplets are hand-sculpted and textured polymer with acrylic paint rubbed into the texture. Take a look at the following pictures for a sneak peek into my process.

These are the shavings and swarf left after texturing the polymer bits.

Now they're textured, but still naked.
Now they've been given a coat of acrylic to bring out the texture,
and they're ready for a good sanding and buffing.
This is my little pile of goodies waiting to be made into earrings.

Finished Droplets!