March 30, 2010

Day 9

Continuing on with the wrapped wire technique, I used more wire today to increase the size of the ring.  I think this technique has the potential to help me create much larger scale work that is lightweight, encompasses a lot of space, but still has an airy quality to it.

I plan on pushing the variation of line thickness more.  To me, even though I know there are a few varying thicknesses of line going on in this piece, it needs to be more dramatic and defined.  Imagine if there were extremely thick and heavy areas contrasted with thin, fine lines.  I think this would add interest to the piece overall.  For now, I am using all green cotton/rayon blend thread.  I foresee the addition of other materials in future pieces, but for now using one color and one texture is allowing me to experiment with movement and the wrapping technique while keeping the color minimal.  Look for more pieces in this vein as I continue to push this technique.

Day 9
Copper, Rayon/Cotton Blend Thread
March 29, 2010

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