March 28, 2010

Day 4

Back to the dryer lint!  I decided to try using a different material to bind the lint.  This time I used a green cotton/rayon blend thread. 

I have found that the dryer lint, because it is basically just dirt and leftover fibers and hair, has no structural stability within itself.  It must be bound tightly or it will simply fall apart.  This ring is wrapped along it's entire length, with a puff of lint left unbound at the top.  This part of the ring easily pulls apart, and sheds sometimes too.  I am interested in the idea of a ring or wearable object that leaves a trail wherever it goes.  

Playing around with how a piece should be worn has always been an interest of mine.  I like for my work to be wearable in more than one way, leaving it up to the wearer to decide how to wear each piece.  

Day 4
Dryer Lint, Cotton/Rayon Blend Thread
March 24, 2010

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