October 14, 2010

More new work

I may have been temporarily insane, but I managed to schedule 4 exhibits in two months.  And that was after one I had planned on doing fell through.  These, as well as images in the next few posts, are the fruits of my labor. 

This current body of work is inspired by Scanning Electron Microscope images of mold, spores, and cells.  I have been exploring the false color that is given to the SEM images, and pushing myself to use more bold, vibrant colors, while still using materials that are familiar to me.

Agaricus bisporus
Copper, Wool

Copper, Wool

Cladosporium, Detail

Copper, Wool

Conidia, Detail

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  1. Is this my brooch? I might have to put this name on the stand! I meaning Linda L